Sunday, September 6, 2015

Finding my path

There comes that time in your life when you finally discover that thing which your really meant to be doing and you know you've discovered it because it sets your heart on fire and makes your blood zing. It's almost an effortless activity which suddenly just feels right to be involved in. 

I've been watching Wayne Dyer's movie 'The Shift' which was free for download this weekend following his death this week and he talks about finding your 'dharma' or in more simple terms finding your life purpose.

Here's an article which explains more about it and ten tips for knowing when you're getting closer to discovering it

The timing for this viewing was quite perfect because I held my first Journaling meetup last week and I believe I've finally discovered that thing which makes me feel that way. This is a group of amazing people who are ready to bring change to their lives and achieve their goals by putting them on the page and reaching for their dreams.

These sessions are about writing and finding ways to better understand ourselves and to help us discover what makes us who we are. It's also about being brave enough to explore what might be holding us back from achieving everything we might be capable of.

I've been journaling and writing on and off for as many years as I've been able to hold a pen and write. My earliest memories of what I wanted to do with my life have always been around writing but I've never been too sure in what direction to take it. It's taken me 43 years to actually start making serious moves to do something with those dreams, besides wish and hope.

I followed up on the positive energy which came out of the journaling meetup by meeting with a potential business partner this weekend to start putting some serious framework around some writing, journaling and manifestation workshops. All of this combines with our own individual and combined business plans for online courses and books and writers retreats.

The sky is the limit, actually no that's not true, the only limit that either of us have now is how big we dare to dream and how brave we both are in leaping into the unknown.

I had a personal disappointment earlier this week, but following on from that I realise my 'pie in the sky' dream was never actually going to be possible when this was sitting in the wings waiting to come forward. The Universe certainly does work in mysterious ways with what it has planned for us.

So, what makes your blood zing and sets your heart in fire, or are you still searching?

Cheers, Fi

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