Sunday, August 16, 2015

You have the power to create your life vision

For the longest time I struggled with knowing what I wanted and how I went about getting it. Was I alone with that thinking, I don't think so judging by the number of people who have asked me how I figured out what I wanted.

Plainly and simply I wrote it down, what I wanted and how I could make it happen. I wrote in my journal every single day based on Julia Cameron's concept of morning pages.

Even when I had no words, I wrote about having no words to write. I wrote about the weather, the morning crew on the radio and the stuff they spoke about. I wrote about what I would rather be doing instead of going to work. I wrote about my boys and the dreams I had for them.

I've always written in my journal and yet the turning point came when instead of writing about all the things which were wrong in my life and which made me miserable, I started writing about what I wanted and what made me happy.

It's true that what we focus on most is what we will have in our life. Yet, it's not easy to change our thought patterns to focus on the positive when we're struggling to see the positives in life and everything and everyone seems to be against us. As someone who once suffered horribly from anxiety, believe me when I say I know how crippling our thoughts can be.

We're also a generation of wanting everything yesterday, so it's often difficult to visualise what we want, write about it, focus on it, and then take the small steps to help us to achieve it, but then to also have the patience to wait for it without getting dejected and downhearted that it hasn't happened yet. 

This week I truly realised the power of visualising what we want, rather than what we don't want. I've gotten so much better at doing this through writing down my dreams and hopes and really starting to think about what I want in my life. You have to imagine it with every one of your senses.

What does it look like, what does it sound like, who am I sharing it with, how do I feel having this in my life. Fine tune that picture each and every day and believe wholeheartedly that you deserve it or something better. Journal writing makes that picture so much clearer and stronger and it doesn't have to be just words either.

Journaling can be words, photos, memories, quotes, thoughts, affirmations, song lyrics, ideas, pictures, snips of videos. It's simply putting your heart and soul on the page.

I can think of at least a dozen things over the last few years where I have used this process and my positive thoughts have become reality, and I'm not talking about small things either.

Its also not to say that I don't have fears, or shitty moments in my life when I doubt myself or my 'pie in the sky' dreams, but then I also write down those doubts and fears and shitty moments and I consider what I should be learning from them. I get them out of my head and on the page so they're not cluttering up my thinking and detracting from my dreams.

My sensory journaling meetups which start in September are monthly meet up sessions for people who are ready to begin discovering ways to learn more about themselves and find ways to start focusing on what they really do want and begin putting it down on the page.

Here's a taster of one of the activities I'll be doing, a quick way to get a sense of your life's purpose and write your personal mission statement; 

By reviewing the kind of person you are and the abilities that come naturally to you, even if they got you into trouble in the past, you can gain insight into your life purpose.

Do so by writing down a list of descriptions about yourself in each of the following categories:
  • Personal qualities (e.g. outgoing, friendly, intellectual, understanding)
  • Skills and talents (e.g., painting, writing, motivating people by public speaking, athletics, mentoring)
  • The circumstances that tend to repeat in your life (e.g., do you wind up teaching others, listening to people’s problems, working with children or technology?)
  • Dreams and desires (e.g., traveling, managing my own business, helping others)
Then take the answer that is most important to you in each category and complete the following sentence:

I ________________ (your name) am designed to be a ________________ 

(insert personal quality) who can ________________ (insert talent) and I find 

myself ________________ (fill in recurring patterns or circumstances) often, 

because I am supposed to ________________ (desire).

I, Fiona Biedermann, (your name) am designed to be a good communicator (insert personal quality) who can motivate people through coaching and mentoring (insert talent) and I often find myself listening to people’s problems (fill in recurring patterns or circumstances) because I am supposed to run my journaling workshops to inspire others to find ways to achieve their dreams (desire).

And if you're feeling really brave then share your personal mission statement either in the comments below or on my Facebook page. After all writing it down is the first step towards making it happen.

Happy daze are there for the taking for all of us once we believe they're possible.

Cheers, Fi

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