Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My coming year

I don't plan to set resolutions for New Years because I already have my goals and they're not just set on the first day of the new year and forgotten within several weeks - a pattern I used to follow. My goals are ongoing all year round.

Sure I've sat down over the last few days and reviewed, revised and discarded anything which isn't relevant or no longer inspires me but there are no New Years resolutions so to speak for me for the coming year.

Something I did find though (and there's a mountain of these sort of things around at this time of the year) is the purpose of developing a personal mission statement and this resonated nicely for me and will provide a framework which my goals will sit nicely within.

The aim of a personal mission statement is to focus on the four main areas of wealth;
  1. Financial - the accumulation of monetary rewards and the best ways for you to achieve them.
  2. Relationships - the nature and quality of your relationships with family members and the important people in your life.
  3. Experiential - the memories and feelings created and experienced while doing things which make you feel alive and happy.
  4. Spiritual - staying true to your beliefs and values and how you grow from your experiences and bring those beliefs into your everyday living.
 In 2015 my personal mission statement means I will aim to;


Be the best me that I can be. It’s not so much about discovering me it’s more about creating the me that I want to be so that I’m being true to my beliefs and values and comfortable with who I am. I will not try to be anyone other than who I want to be, and I will focus on being confident and comfortable that I am enough and that I am worthwhile.


Develop ways to use my skills and talents to best advantage which will bring me financial recognition in ways which inspire and excite me. 


Strengthen my relationships with close family and friends. Support and encourage those I love in positive ways so they too can go after what they believe in. Remove myself from the toxic people who drag me down or who don’t support or encourage me.


Find out what things excite and inspire me and endeavour to do more of them. I will enjoy the moments and memories, and will remember to be in the moment and live each day fully instead of waiting for that ‘perfect moment’ for everything to be just right.

Tomorrow I plan to reflect on the year that was and only momentarily. After all what is done, is done. I'm happy with what I did achieve, I've mentioned some of it in previous posts and yet there were still things I avoided or put off. 

I'm learning to be comfortable with that, after all none of us is perfect. We all procrastinate and avoid those things which stretch us or make us feel uncomfortable - and I'm no different. I still try to stretch and reach and learn new things about what I can do and what I am capable of. 

My motto for 2015 will be to learn, stretch and reach some more. I will grow from my experiences and most importantly I will enjoy every moment of doing it. Also I will remind myself often that what doesn't inspire and excite me is probably not worth the energy of doing it.

I hope your coming year is a spectacular one which is full of awesome experiences, wonderful memories and great times spent with those who inspire you. See you on the other side of 2015.

Cheers, Fi


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