Sunday, November 30, 2014

Don't wait for tomorrow...

A few quick words before I run off to bed and because my brain is now past writing any more of my Strategic Operations assignment today. Not loving this subject much this month.

This week has been a rough one, it always is when one of my loved ones is going through tough times. I am first and always will be a mother who can't bare to see one of her children in pain. I've been prickly and irritable all week as a result and probably hit out at those around me more than I should have.

I apologise to those who might have been in the firing line but not for the intent which was to protect a loved one.

The thing is, life goes on and our dramas are minimal compared to what's been in the news this week. The death of cricketer Phil Hughes has many in stunned shock. It's amazing how the sudden and freakish death of someone relatively unknown to many can cause such an outpouring of grief and emotion world wide.

I didn't know who he was before the freak accident that would eventually take his life hit the news and yet I shed a number of tears this week for a young life lost way too soon. A young man who would have turned 26 today and was only a day older than my oldest son, I guess that's why this seemed so close.

He was a young man who died doing what he loved doing and way before his time.If any of us could leave a legacy of love and admiration like this young man has done then perhaps we could go happy.

Every story in the news tells of a young man with a gorgeous smile, a zest for life, a passion for his sport and the incredible determination to succeed no matter what effort it took; a young man who despite his talent was a country boy at heart who people across the world adored and respected.

His parents must be incredibly proud and devastatingly heartbroken at his sudden passing.

The challenges my loved one has endured this week seem so much less in the face of tragedy - because my loved one is alive, he is healthy and he has a lifetime of dreams and challenges still ahead of him.

Life is too short for drama and angst and pain and suffering. If nothing else, my lesson this week has been that we have to stay strong, fight hard for our dreams and stay close to those we love. We also can't change what will be and worrying about it doesn't make it any less.

So my takeaway is, don't wait for tomorrow to do what you really love, don't wait for tomorrow to tell a loved one that you care and don't wait for tomorrow to reach for the stars. Because the reality is that tomorrow may never come and life is about living for today.

RIP Phil Hughes, a truly remarkable young man who has made me stop and take stock of my life and wonder how I could be a little bit more like you and leave such an amazing legacy of love and admiration.

To my gorgeous son, Happy Birthday for tomorrow. You've come so far and learnt so much in your 26 years. You get stronger with every challenge you face and I'm proud of the young man you've become. Never stop fighting for your dreams and be sure to reach out with both hands to firmly grab hold of them.

Everything you ever dreamed of is within your reach as soon as you believe you deserve it. It may not be exactly what you pictured, but it will be everything you ever hoped for and more. I'm your mum so I know these things. Love you xxx

Cheers, Fi

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