Sunday, October 26, 2014

Making room for the good

I have a serious need to de-clutter. I've just spent the last hour looking for a copy of a document from a job I had 6 years ago. I'm absolutely positive that I have a hard copy or at least an electronic version somewhere and the sad thing is, I've just wasted an hour looking for it.

Who in their right mind keeps a document for that bloody long? It's a Human Resources doc that I knew I might need a template for one day and bugger me dead if I can find where I've saved documents from that long ago.

That was probably two computers and who knows how many USB's ago. I keep things for just-in, just in case I have a need for them. Up until 12 months ago I even had all the papers I wrote for uni which was 7 years ago. After all, I might need them one day.

I read a beautiful article the other day which said that you have to let go of things to welcome new things into your life. There's lots of them around but this one said it in a way that made me pay attention. It says you should apply a rule of one in use and two spares.

So things like bed linen and towels and all sorts of things. I have so many towels and sheets that they bulge out of the cupboard. You know the ol' hip and shove that's needed to close the cupboard door, I do that regularly. But we still only use the top level and everything from half way down is not used.

Let's not go into Tupperware and kitchen stuff. Plus I have so many clothes that I could clothe half of Adelaide, yet I have my favourites which I wear all of the time and many of the others sit in my cupboard unworn.

It's time to get ruthless, starting next weekend I start de-cluttering and making room for the good things to come into my life.

Keepsakes, dust gathering mementos, paperwork from every study course I've ever done, so much clutter. Twenty years in this house and it desperately needs an airing. Don't get me wrong, my house is not like those you see on 'hoarders' shows on TV, I do de-clutter regularly but nowhere near as ruthlessly as I should.

My cupboards are full of all those kitchen gadgets which you buy on a whim, use several times and then relegate to the back of the cupboard again. It is time.

I started at the gym this week and I'm going two or three times a week or whenever I can fit it in. I've also started writing my business plan down and verbalising my plans. I'm taking baby steps towards the bigger picture (and that's scary)

There's so many things that I'm working on and which I'm determined to make happen, so it's time to de-clutter and give the Universe a helping hand to make room for them all.

Wish me luck, I hope you're chasing your dreams too.

Cheers, Fi


  1. Hi Fiona, my fav subject - along with procrastination! When you move & everything is packed in boxes, life is so simple. Same feeling when living out of a suitcase. I must say I like computer because it can store so much in so little space, but then after a while - it gets cluttered too, and yes where is that email/file...I think the problem is that we carry the 'no waste' attitude and wait for someone to give the excess too, the excuse for just in case. We remember the time & effort that goes into writing or making and don't want to waste that either by relinquishing the proof. I once put a paper mache artwork into the garden where over a year or two watched the elements take it. I think the key is to imagine whatever you have bringing benefit to someone else and so share the love!

  2. I like that last line - "imagine whatever you have bringing benefit to someone else and so share the love"

    That's exactly what I need to do and is a perfect way of making it easier


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