Sunday, October 27, 2013

Welcome to chaos central

That's a bit like how my house felt this weekend - chaos central. My brother and sister-in-law hit town yesterday for a flying visit from Renmark.

They were out last night for a work reunion in the city and Auntie Fi gallantly stepped in to keep niece and nephew occupied and entertained, plus I had my grandson for a sleepover while his daddy was working.

Man, I'm exhausted, this full time work and life is hard to get back into the swing of, especially with little bodies in the house. These three little bundles of joy have enough energy to power a small country and make enough noise to keep half the planet awake. It's been a long 24 hours, but I love them to bits.

I'm so out of practice with little kids, these days my greatest tasks are finding a space in my own driveway amongst the motorbikes and cars and trying not to suffocate from the amount of aftershave and 'man' perfume which seems to be a prerequisite of having teenage boys in the house.

On the subject of cars and finding space in my own driveway, my new car arrived on Thursday. I'm still adjusting to driving it - there's so many buttons and gadgets to learn about. Feeling kinda lucky.

So this was the end of my second week in my new job and I'm feeling more at ease and comfortable now. Plus my silly looking contact lenses which have been giving me absolute grief the last two weeks because of hay fever have finally settled down. It's going to be a very long spring season in terms of hay fever.

Okay that's about all of my words for now, I'm still getting myself into some sort of a routine and pattern now that I'm back at work. The boys have had to step up after a couple of months of mum doing everything, so they're back on regular house duty to assist with cooking and washing. Poor, poor boys.

I need to get back into my writing groove and well, back into my everything groove again. I will say though how nice it is to step out of the ol' comfort zone and just do what ever feels good at the time. There's definitely something to be said for breaking free and living in the moment, I recommend it to everyone.

Hope you've all had a sensational week and that you achieve something amazing in the coming week.

Cheers, Fi


  1. I'm glad to hear that you are getting settled in at work and that the boys are stepping in to help with the chores. We are finally getting settled into a routine in our new (old) home. This must be the time for routines! I feel the same way about my classroom, too, so the universe must be up to something.

    I love the quote and picture you added at the end of this post!

  2. Glad all is well-if chaotic. I'm achieving something amazing next week alright! I'm going AWAY for fun : )

  3. HOpe the new job is becoming everything you imagined -- and you get back to the writing too!

    I too love that quote and photo.

    Hugs -- so lovely to 'see' you! Thanks for dropping in.


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