Sunday, October 13, 2013

New kid on the block

Tomorrow will be my first day on the new job after nine weeks of rest and relaxation. Well not really, the first few weeks of 'unemployment' were hellish as the family adjusted to mum not working and voiced their personal opinions on the subject.

There's a lot of opinion in my house these days. I have to yell to be heard some days and then some days I just don't bother. But then, she who remains silent on occasion, also sometimes has the last laugh.

I met some of my new team last week for coffee and they were very welcoming and friendly. It eased some of my nerves, because after 12 years in one place you do get kind of comfortable and complacent with who and what you know.

I anticipate a strong learning curve ahead of me and plenty of challenges and exploring to be done. I'm looking forward to it and have to remind myself that not everything needs to be done in the first week. I do tend to be an 'all in' sort of person. I need to remember to go slow and steady to start with.

I get my own office as well, which to some might be common place but for me is definitely a novelty having come from open plan offices and project work where everyone worked on top of each other (well almost)

The concept of 'load your belongings into a wheelie box' and shuffle up or move elsewhere to accommodate more team members became common place. So adjusting to my 'own' space which is as big as my kitchen may take some getting used to. I'm sure I'll cope with it though.

Well short and sweet today, I plan on putting some more words on the page of my new novel today and then son, grandson, girlfriend and baby are coming for tea tonight. Sunday family dinners have become kind of a habit in recent months, something which I look forward to with joy. Babies and toddlers tend to have that effect.

Wish me luck tomorrow...I'm hoping I won't need it and that everything goes smoothly.

Cheers, Fi


  1. You go girl! You can do it! All the best in this next phase in your life. Love you heaps

    1. Love you too, you who taught me that I can be amazing at anything I put my mind too xxx

  2. Good luck with your new job. I know you will do great!

  3. I've said it before.....they are lucky to have you (work & family!)
    Have a great day.


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