Thursday, September 19, 2013

Brimming with ideas

How I've missed the craziness on the roads during the early morning dash for the city - yeah okay not really. The only good thing about the drive into the city is the length of time it gives my brain to create stories and blog posts.

I had a job interview this morning which meant the drive into the city, I think it went well. It all hinges on who I'm up against and who's the best person for the job. I don't think I could have done any more, so time will tell.

I attended the SARA (South Australian Romance Authors) meeting last night and felt like I've finally found where I belong. I thoroughly enjoyed this meeting and came home all hyped up and brimming with ideas. Not so good at midnight when you have an interview the next morning, but it was all good. Mind you, I don't think my brain stopped last night, but I slept regardless.

Today it's on full overdrive again (my brain that is) I just need to slow it down and choose one idea at a time and focus.

I caught up with the girls from my old place of work for lunch today. Nothing has changed at the old workplace so I'm both sad for them and glad I made the decision I did. With everything that's going on I know that I have truly spread my wings and given myself the opportunity to fly.

My new non fiction e-book is now available on Amazon Kindle. It's called Project Manage Your World and is about managing your own personal projects successfully. Once I do the free promotion I'll let you all know. It's one more tick on the list of things for me to achieve. Now to put my focus back on my fiction writing.

I'm also putting some consideration towards attending the 2014 Romance Writers Australia conference in Sydney. However, I'd like a job before I put this idea to hubby. I've never been to one though and I think if I want to call myself a writer, be a writer, think like a writer then it's about time to stretch that comfort zone just a little bit more.
Are you stretching?

Cheers, Fi


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Kate - hopefully they will make a decision by Tuesday

  2. Good Luck on the job Fi! I hope it works out : )

    P.S. No, it does help more than I can express. Thank you : )

    1. I'm feeling your pain and hoping things work out okay

  3. I hope the results are good for you!

  4. I hope the results are good for you!

  5. Yes, please let us know. I just went to amazon and read the opening. Good luck on your job hunting and congrats on your recent interviews. Keep us posted!


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