Sunday, April 14, 2013

We all need to have dreams...

So I've just finished reading an e-book which cost more than any e-book I've previously purchased and which didn't meet any of my normal criteria for personal reading choices. I read it in two days and limited my computer time to do so.

We all have dreams and this book is written by a woman who is living what I would call a dream life, or as close to it as you can get in my mind. I found her blog by chance and was so enthralled by her story that I bought her book. As you do.

Torre De Roche self published her true life romance story via Amazon last September, in October she received an offer to buy the film rights to her story, she also now has four different publishers who have purchased the rights to her book in different countries, including Penguin here in Australia.

In short, her story tells of how she packed up and moved to San Francisco from Melbourne with $3000 in savings to find some adventure. She met a man, fell in love and sailed from the US to almost Australia despite an almost paralysing fear of the water. Then she wrote the book.

Six years later, she is now living in a small renovated shack which costs $5 a day and has spectacular views on the coast of Thailand with that same man. They both work location independent, meaning they work from where ever they are in the world, no 9-5 grind for either of them.

Her book doesn't have sexual accounts and it doesn't even have a problem to fix, it's a pure love story with plenty of laughs. What it does prove though is that sometimes fact is more engaging than fiction and boy was it engaging and oh so inspiring.

It's proof that we can all have dreams and that often the only things which stand in our way are our own paralysing fears. For the record the $13.80 I paid was exorbitant for an e-book from an unknown writer but I'm glad I did.

Oh if I was that brave and adventurous I'd pack my bags and sail off into the sunset tomorrow where 9-5 doesn't exist and stress is just a figment of past memories. It's a bitch being responsible some days, besides I get seasick so sailing wouldn't be my first choice, but some days running away sounds just a little bit too enticing.

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