Sunday, April 21, 2013

The things we fear...

Why is it the things we want the most are also the things we avoid the most often. Is it fear of actually getting what we want or fear of failing and not getting what we want.

My website is almost ready to go, the domain is linked, the business cards are on order, I'm excited by the design and yet my finger isn't quite ready to hit the publish button.

I wanted to finish my latest e-book to put on my site before I launched it, well that's what I keep telling myself anyway. Will it make any difference - no, will anyone even notice - no. The excuse works well for me though, it's a legitimate reason for waiting - it's also the stupidest reason.

What would have happened if  Alexander Graham Bell had waited to 'launch' his invention of the telephone (other than the fact that my children wouldn't have phones to their ears 24/7) Okay so there's a long way between inventing the first phone and the mobile phones of today, but what if he never got started because he was worried what people would say or think.

What if J.K. Rowling hadn't persevered and believed in her own writing talent, what if she'd listened to the 12 publishers who'd rejected her book. She certainly wouldn't be one of the richest woman in Britain today.

I can be determined, I can make things happen, I'm super good at pushing others to reach for their dreams but I don't believe in me as much as I should. I dither and procrastinate and anyone who comes by my blog regularly would know how I roll.

I've taken the bull by the horns. I've taken this week off work, besides the fact that I really needed a holiday, I plan on finishing my book and getting my website up and going. That's 7 days and no excuses. You guys are my motivation, nothing like putting it out to the world so that you have no choice but to do something.

Whatever works...

Winter is finally making itself known, the rain fell today and the temperature has dropped considerably in the last few days. The forecast this week is for rain and cold - perfectly conducive for writing and creating. The Universe is on my side, no sunshine and balmy weather to use as an excuse.

The heater is on for the first time this year, my lounge room is nice and cosy. I plan to block out out the world for the next week and do what needs to be done.

I also plan on doing a little bit of re-jigging on my blog, simplifying and moving some things around as well. So will you be back to check up on me next Sunday to see if I pushed the 'publish' button on my website?

Hope you're doing a better job of not letting your fears stand in the way of your dreams.


  1. Be brave, Fi. We all believe in you! I sometimes think that we fear what we want most because we can't imagine how life will change. We don't know what the future will bring, and we don't like not knowing. The only way to grow is to come out of our comfort zone, though. You can do it!

  2. Karen - you would have to be one of my greatest believers - thank you. Your words couldn't be any closer to the truth

  3. 4 words! You can do it! I can't wait to see it. Hurry up all ready...hehehe...(I never said I was patient). (By the way I just know read Karens comment after I already typed mine out...) Great minds think alike and BELIEVE IN YOU! Now it is time to believe in yourself.

    1. My other loyal supporter - where would I be without you and Karen. Just about ready to go, I'm fairly certain I'll get my e-book ready to go in time for launching new website so fingers crossed.

  4. You can do it Fi! My husband always says that he became successful because he was too dumb to realize that he was taking a risk that could fail. Don't let fear keep you down-because truly-it can't eat you. Ms. Karen up there is spot on!

    1. I think that's my problem - I tend to over think everything. You guys make me smile - thanks


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