Saturday, April 11, 2015

Signs from the Universe

I was going to start writing this post with the words 'any of you who know me well' and the irony is that there's a large part of me which stays in my heart and my head and isn't shared with many people. I'm not a girly, girly type who has lots of special girlfriends, I never have been.

Yet there's a special few in my world and some of them are new and have got under my skin and are obviously in my world for a reason. Today on a catch up study group for my NLP course I shared a dream that has been in my heart for maybe 18 months which I've shared with only a very select few. This is me previously fighting those beliefs that I can't make the BIG things happen in my world.

I've had a vision for such a long time of this place called Inspiration House - its a special space where people can feel safe and inspired, where they can meet with like minded people and have access to goal setting workshops, self development classes, creative and spiritual activities and is a place which heals a persons heart and soul. It's warm and welcoming and full of colour and life.

There it is in words and on the page. So real is this dream that I have design images, I have business plans, in fact I can picture this house in my mind down to the location and design as clear as my computer screen is in front of me. Only one person in my MBA class knows the length and breadth of these dreams because until now I haven't shared much of it with anyone.

Today at lunch I shared this dream with the girls, a dream which has grown bigger and bolder with the clarity I've received from my NLP classes. I now have a clearer picture of my future direction in many ways. Well here comes those synchronicities and signs that tell me I'm on the right path. One of my 'soul sisters', and that's how I've come to think of these girls, mentioned that it sounds like Inception House at Wayville.

Did I mention that Goodwood has always been where I see this house of mine being, not sure why but I drive through this suburb and I can almost see it there exactly as I imagine it.

I googled Inception House on my way home and discovered they do all of the things I dream of, barring the one thing that will be my focus (that's because they don't have me yet) and so driving home from the study session I drove past it and it's my house, it's the one in my head. I've never heard of this place or of these people before today.

I get over my shock of seeing the house and I drive down the road to go back onto Goodwood Rd and this is what's in front of me.

The only thing is, this CHANGE sign was like a flashing neon light about ten foot tall and was directly in front of me. I actually stopped my car in the middle of the road because it was so bizarre this light bulb moment of mine. Then this song came on the radio

All my fears of going out on my own, of doing my own thing and of not wasting any more time - this song was written for me today. Wow, wow, wow.

Then because it had quite an impact on me I shared my story on our closed Facebook page tonight. My next oh wow moment came when I discovered that one of the girls who didn't make our study session today because of a last minute time change for a class she was attending, was in fact in this same house today doing that class.

So if I needed any more signs or synchronicities or symbols that I'm on the right track then I got a bucket load of them today. They were big and loud and in my face and it's time for me to pull up my big girl pants and stop doubting myself and my dreams.

If everyone could do NLP and have the same kind of oh wow moments that our group seem to be experiencing then the world would be a pretty amazing place. It doesn't change the shitty moments in your life, it doesn't change the way other people act but it does put you back in the drivers seat of your life knowing that you can take charge of your life once you realise that you have the power to do so.

No I am not suddenly smoking whoopee weed, or drinking vast quantities of alcohol or taking any other kind of mind altering drug. I haven't got religious or hooked up with a cult - I've simply realised that I can be pretty damn amazing and only I can make things happen in my life.

The thing with NLP is that not everyone will be ready for it, not everyone will get what I have got from it and that's okay to, its definitely done what I need it to do and it's opened my mind to a whole realm of new possibilities which all begin with me.

So if anyone asks then I'll tell them I'm taking a purely organic type of happy drug called positive beliefs and actions. Its been a long time coming.

In the happy zone, Fi

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