Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hard work never hurt anyone?

I shall be open to the sacred knowledge of ages and the universe shall send me all that I need. Anon

It's been over a week since I wrote, I know. I didn't realise how exhausting this week would be. Our first week working from the consultants offices meant I was coming home from work absolutely shagged. I was leaving home at 7am and then getting home at 6.30pm, 10 hours of which was spent on my laptop furiously pumping out the necessary work that needs to be done to achieve our deadline of the 17th.

Consequently, by the time I was getting home at night, having dinner (thank god for a hubby who can cook and enjoys doing so) and chucking a load of washing through the washing machine, I had zero energy reserves left. When normally I would sit on my computer at night and write or at least read whatever book I am currently reading, this week I just sat in a sleepy daze in front of the televsision.

I can't remember ever being so totally exhausted. The good news is that we look set to make the deadline for finalisation of the Statement of Work for the project and all of the necessary backing documentation. Mind you, had we not forced ourselves on the consultant firm then it would probably have been a different story. I can't fathom how a company who oversees multi million dollar projects can be so disorganised and all over the place.

Don't get me wrong, their knowledge is awesome, but there seems to be too many bosses making the decisions and not enough people doing the 'grunt' work, and lets face it, a successful project needs both, decision - makers and people to dig in and get busy. I know we're doing a lot of the work that they should be doing, but however it comes about, we're working to a strict deadline and the work needs to be done.

After this week I have a better appreciation when the guys tell me that I will get used to working 'mobile' and I also have a better understanding of the sheer magnitude of this project. We haven't even got through the research phase yet and got final sign off, now I see why it will take 3-5 years and a massive team to achieve the end result, not to mention millions of dollars.

Some of the work is incredibly mundane and boring (what job doesn't have this aspect?) but so much of it is new and exciting. There are so many things for me to learn, I'm like a sponge soaking up the knowledge and the atmosphere. Enjoying myself immensely, it's refreshing to look forward to going to work again.

Cheers for now

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