Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Did someone mention JFDI?

I finished writing my book in May last year and I'm only finalising the edits on it now. I could put forward all of the excuses of grandbabies being born and project work and life but when you want something really bad, you have to believe in it and just do it.

That boss of mine, who'll only be around for another few weeks, sent me a link today that says it all (provided you don't mind the F word - it's not that bad though honest). Not sure what I'm going to do for inspiration once he disappears.

So anyway now that I'm JFDI (yeah, you have to read that link) I have no more excuses.

I'm writing my morning pages, except for the last two days because I was in bed sick with the flu, or some other nasty little virus that my grandson lovingly shared with me. That's not an excuse by the way, that's just life beating the crap out of me, and me letting it for a day or two.

The funny thing is, despite finishing my first book over a year ago, I haven't started writing anything else. Excuses, excuses - yes, but nothing has inspired me, nothing has jumped up and said write this.

So instead, I've been creating my writer web site and designing business cards and starting to put some ideas around some different ideas for non-fiction e-books and most of all getting some substance behind my goals. In truth I've been more focussed on design than writing for the last 12 months.

Then bam, driving home from work tonight and there they were, my two characters for my next book. In my head like I'd known them forever, and only someone who writes can possibly understand what a crazy moment that is. I resisted the urge to pull over in peak hour traffic and start writing notes.

For now, I just need to let them drift around in my head and start developing personalities and quirks - and then the storyline will come. In life, I'm structured and ordered and somewhat of a perfectionist (yeah you're not surprised are you?) - but my writing has no plan, no pattern and is a free-for-all that just spills out onto the page in higgley piggley fashion.

So in whatever creative venture you follow, are you structured and a planner; or more free for all and able to let it just flow? How does that contrast with you in less creative activities (life, work, parenting etc)

Cheers, Fi


  1. I love those moments of inspiration when they flash like a firecracker in my head!


    and tee hee JFDI!

  2. JFDI! Ha. Im going to use that. I have always been more of a planner/structured in most of what I do HOWEVER it seems as I age and with kids, I fly by the seat of my pants much more and GWTF (go with the flow). Hope you have a great weekend and get some more writing in.


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